Caribbean Food: The Academy Awards

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My caribbean food friends, I need your help.

I have a special recipe that i created some time ago. It’s for a refreshing summer drink that i love and make often. But I’ve never named it.

Please could you vote, in the comments section below, for one of the three potential names. Or, even better, if after reading the recipe you have an alternative then please comment. I’ll leave the post for a few days then announce the final result. So, in my best ‘Academy Awards’ voice… the nominations are:

1/ Citrus Cooler

2/ Zesty Zinger

3/ Golden Haze

4/ … or your alternative :-)


Pic by AdambaronPhoto

Pic by AdambaronPhoto

4 unwaxed lemons
10 unwaxed limes
1 green tea bag!
Fresh ginger – when chopped weighs approx 20z (50g)
Approx 1/2in (1 cm) square red scotch bonnet (you may want to leave this out if making for children)
1 cup (8 oz,  250g) White granulated sugar
1/2 cup  (4 oz,  125g) cup Brown Demerra cane sugar
1 1/2 qt water ( 3pts, 1.5litres )

You will need:
Medium cut grater – not too fine
Medium cooking pot – big enough to hold 1 pt (1/2 qt,  500 ml) water.
Large bowl big enough to take 3 pts of liquid (1 1/2 qt, 1.5 litres)
Large and small spoons
Jugs /bottles for finished drink

First Peel and roughly chop the ginger and  wash the fruit.
Make a sugar syrup by placing all the sugar and ginger and the pepper into cooking pot.
Pour in 1 pt (500 ml, 1/2 qt) water, place on a gentle heat, stirring constantly until all sugar is melted and water is about to start boiling.
Take off the heat and set aside with all the bits  left  in.
Boil another pint of water and pour into a jug containing the green tea bag – leaving it to infuse for approx 3-5mins.
Stir, take out tea bag and set aside. Tea bags are better – less mess:)

Take Approx 5 limes and 3 lemons and grate skin into  a large bowl – taking care not to grate the white pith as well.
Cut the fruit in half, take the halves and squeeze all the juice out into the bowl.
Once done, take all the lime halves and place in bowl also.

Into the bowl containing the lemon/lime halves, squeezed juice, and grated peel;  pour  in the remaining pint,(500 ml 1/2 qt) water from your reservoir ,then  the  unstrained syrup water , and finally, the green tea. Stir all the elements together and put aside to cool. (I usually leave mine overnight in the fridge for the flavours to develop). Once Cooled, add water to taste and  strain off into jugs or bottles. Serve very cold with lots of ice – it is Delicious. My caribbean food friends and family love it!!


Add sliced strawberries, cucumbers, and sprigs of fresh mint together with  approx 8 oz (1 cup 250ml) Ginger wine,  a good splash of dark caribbean rum, and a few drops of Angostura bitters  for a Pimms alternative.

Add approx 1/4 cup(60 ml, 3 oz) of 70% proof white caribbean rum for a HOT! HOT! HOT! carnival experience.

There you have it my friends

Love, Laughter, and Food for all

Angeli x